英文故事 篇一

the wolf and the fox want to eat the rabbit, but it wasn't easy to catch him.

one day the wolf says to the fox, "you go home and lie in bed. i'll tell the rabbit that you are dead. when he comes to look at you, you can jump up and catch him." that's a good idea," says the fox.

the fox goes home at once. the wolf goes to the rabbit's house and knocked at the door. "who is it?" asks the rabbit. "it's the wolf. i come to tell you that the fox is dead." then the wolf goes away.

the rabbit goes to the fox's house. he looked in through the window and sees the fox lying in bed with his eyes closed. he thinks, "is the fox really dead or is he pretending to be dead? if he's not dead, he'll catch me when i go near him." so he said, "the wolf says that the fox is dead. but he doesn't look like a dead fox. the mouth of a dead fox is always open." when the fox hears this, he thinks, "i'll show him that i'm dead." so he opened his mouth.

the rabbit knows that the fox isn't dead, and he rans away quickly.






英文故事 篇二

the titmouse's reward


during the han dynasty, about two thousand years ago, to the north of huayin mountain, there lived a family called yang. they were farmers, and had only one child, who was so precious to him that they named him treasure pao.


yang pao was not only clever, kind, and quick-witted, but he was also very good looking with his clear eyebrows and bright eyes. his parent shaved all of his hair off except for two locks on the top, which they tied into two knots. everybody agreed that he was very cute.

杨宝不仅聪明、善良、机敏,而且眉清目秀,一表人材。他的父母剃光他的头, 只留下头顶的两撮头发,扎成两个发髻 .每个人都 承认他很聪明 .

yang pao loved nature. he spent a lot of time playing in the forests of huayin mountain. one day when he was nine years old, he was playing outdoors as usual. all of a sudden he heard a cry above him. he looked up and saw a hunting owl had just snatched a little bird, a titmouse, out of the air. the owl was so startled to discover someone watching it hunt that it dropped the titmouse, which fell to the ground. it was so dazed it just lay there without moving.

杨宝热爱自然。他时常在华阴山的森林里玩。九岁的时候,一天他跟往常一样在外边玩。忽然他听到上方传来一阵惊叫声。他抬头一看,见一只猫头鹰刚在空中抓住了一只山雀 .发现有人在看见它捕猎,猫头鹰受到惊吓,丢下了山雀。那只山雀被摔昏了,躺在地上一动不动。

ants then came to take it away for food, but the titmouse had been hurt by the owl's claws and the fall to the ground, so it couldn't move. yang pao ran over and picked the titmouse up, brushing away the ants. he took the titmouse home and raised it in a bamboo cage.


he loved his little bird. he fed it chrysanthemum petals and tended to its wounds until it was strong enough to fly. then he took it to the forest and let it go.

他很珍爱这只小鸟。他用菊花的花瓣来喂它,还照料它的伤口, 直到它康复能够飞翔 .之后他把它带到树林里放生了。

"you're free now! watch out for owls! goodbye!!"

"你现在自由了! 小心猫头鹰 !再见了!"

not long afterwards, he had a strange dream. a child dressed in brown clothes came to thank him for saving his life. he presented pao with four priceless white jade bracelets, saying, "sir, i am an envoy of the heavenly queen. you have saved my life. i would like to show my gratitude by presenting these four immaculate jade bracelets to you, with my blessing that your children and grandchildren be as spotless as pure jade, and hold posts in the top ranks of the government."


yang pao did not want to take the gift, but the little boy dressed in brown insisted, so he finally took the bracelets. as soon as he did, he woke up and found that it had just been a dream.


"that sure was a strange dream," he thought, shaking his head.


yang pao's sons, grandsons, great-grandsons, and great- grandsons were as spotless as pure jade. for four generations, his descendants all held posts in the top ranks of the government.

杨宝的儿子、孙子 、曾孙……,都像纯洁的玉一样无暇。他的四代子孙都是高官。

英文故事 篇三

humpty dumpty sat on a wall

humpty dumpty had a great fall

all the king’s horses and all the king’s men

couldn’t put humpty together again





单词:wall 墙壁

king 国王

英文故事 篇四

tommy is turtle. he has no daddy, no mummy and no friends.

he is crying. a bird comes. she says: “i can fly. let’s fly!”

tommy says: “ no,no, i can’t fly!”

a rabbit comes. he says: “ i can jump. let’s jump!”

tommy says: “no, no. i can’t jump!”

a monkey comes. he says:“i can climb the tree. let’s climb the tree!”

tommy says: “ no, no. i can’t climb the tree!”

a duck comes. he says: “i can swim. let’s swim!”

tommy smiles: “ we are friends!”

tommy 是一只乌龟。他没有爸爸、妈妈和朋友。


tommy 说:“不,不,我不会飞。”







英文故事 篇五


a raven saw a swan and desired to secure for himself the same beautiful plumage.

supposing that the swan's splendid white color arose from his washing in the water in which he swam, the raven left the altars in the neighborhood where he picked up his living, and took up residence in the lakes and pools.

but cleansing his feathers as often as he would, he could not change their color, while through want of food he perished.


他猜想天鹅一定是经常洗澡,羽毛才变得如此洁白无 瑕。于是,他毅然离开了他赖以生存的祭坛,来到江湖边。

他天天洗刷自己的羽毛,不但一 点都没洗白,反而因缺少食物饥饿而死。


swan 天鹅


英文故事 篇六


she had a little house of her own, a little garden too, this woman of whom i am going to tell you, but for all that she was not quite happy.

if only i had a little child of my own,she said, then, indeed, i should be quite happy.

and an old witch heard what the woman had wished, and said, oh, but that is easily managed. here is a barley-corn. plant it in a flower-pot and tend it carefully, and then you will see what will happen.

the woman was in a great hurry to go home and plant the barley-corn, but she did not forget to say ;thank you; to the old witch. she not only thanked her, she even stayed to give her six silver pennies.

and what do you think happened? almost before the corn was planted, up shot a large and beautiful flower. it was still unopened. the petals were folded closely together, but it looked like a tulip. it really was a tulip, a red and yellow one, too.

the woman loved flowers. she stooped and kissed the beautiful bud. as her lips touched the petals, they burst open, and oh! wonder of wonders! there in the very middle of the flower, there sat a little child. such a tiny, pretty little maiden she was.

they called her thumbelina. that was because she was no bigger than the womans thumb.

and where do you think she slept?

when she slept little thumbelina lay in her cradle on a tiny heap of violets, with the petal of a pale pink rose to cover her.

and where do you think she played? a table was her playground. on the table the woman placed a plate of water. little thumbelina called that her lake.

round the plate were scented flowers, the blossoms laying on the edge, while the pale green stalks reached thirstily down to the water.

she peeped at her, this ugly toad.

how beautiful the little maiden is, she croaked. she will make a lovely bride for my handsome son. and she lifted the little cradle, with thumbelina in it, and hopped out through the broken window-pane, down into the garden.

at the foot of the garden was a broad stream. here, under the muddy banks lived the old toad with her son.












英文故事 篇七

once there was a king. he likes to write stories, but his stories were not good. as people were afraid of him, they all said his stories were good.


one day the king showed his stories to a famous writer. he waited the writer to praise these stories. but the writer said his stories were so bad that he should throw them into fire. the king got very angry with him and sent him to prison.


after some time, the king set him free. again he showed him some of his new stories and asked what he thought of them.


after reading them, the writer at once turned to the soldiers and said: “take me back to prison, please.”


英文故事 篇八

我的家 i am in desperate need of help -- or ill go crazy. were living in a single room -- my wife, my children and my in-laws. so our nerves are on edge, we yell and scream at one another. the room is a hell. do you promise to do whatever i tell you?; said the master gravely. i swear i shall do anything. very well. how many animals do you have? a cow, a goat and six chickens. take them all into the room with you. then come back after a week. the disciple was appalled. but he had promised to obey! so he took the animals in. a week later he came back, a pitiable figure, moaning, im a nervous wreck. the dirt! the stench! the noise! were all on the verge of madness! go back,said the master, and put the animals out. the man ran all the way home. and came back the following day, his eyes sparkling with joy. how sweet life is! the animals are out. the home is a paradise, so quiet and clean and roomy! 我非常需要帮助——或者我会疯的。我们生活在一个房间里——我的妻子,我的孩子和我的法律。我们整天神经兮兮,我们互相大喊大叫。房间是地狱。 你答应按我说的去做吗?大师一本正经地说。 我发誓我会做任何事。 好的,你有多少动物吗? 一头奶牛,一头山羊和六只鸡。 把它们全带到你的房间。一个星期之后再回来。 门徒大吃一惊。但他已经承诺服从!所以他把动物。一个星期后他回来了,可怜的人物,呻吟着,我很紧张。污垢!恶臭!噪声!我们就要发疯了! 回去吧,大师说,把动物放了。 这个男人跑回家。第二天回来时,他的眼里闪烁着喜悦的光芒。生活是多么美好!动物们都离开了。家是一个天堂,那么安静,干净和宽敞的!

英文故事 篇九

during the spring and autumn period (770-476 bc), prince zhou xu of the state of wei killed his brother and became the new emperor. zhou xu was a tyrant. he oppressed his people and indulged in wars of aggression. by launching wars, he tried to divert the people's attention and reduce their discontent with him in order to consolidate his dictatorship. the duke of the state of lu leant about zhou xu's usurpation of state power and his ambitious plan, he asked a senior official, "what do you think about zhou xu's move? "the official answered, "he indulges in wars , bringing his people much disaster. he won't get their support. and he's capricious, so few of his close friends follow him. he can never achieve his success. in addition, war is like fire. if one launches wars endlessly without restraint, he'll eventually burn himself. " sure enough, the people of wei with the help of the state of chen overthrew zhou xu and killed him in less than a year. later, people use it to mean that those who do evil will finally ruin themselves.


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