my dream英语演讲稿 篇一

my dream

dreams are the wind for our sails on the ocean. dreams kindle a flame to illuminate our dark roads. dreams are the armor for our fragile hearts. martin luther king had a dream — it was to have justice for all people. lincoln had a dream — it was to set the slaves free. they sought their dreams and ultimately made them come true. when i was young, i saw a dog one day. i threw a stone at it just for fun. then it fell down and looked very weak. at that moment, i was surprised to notice it was pregnant. i can’t remember what happened next, but there’s one thing i know: that i felt guilty. it was the first time that i found life could so easily pass away. at that time, i had a dream, which was to help those people who needed help. there are too many wars and disasters. about 16,000 people have died in the iraq war and one child dies every eight seconds in africa because of starvation. i have dreams, you have dreams and they have dreams too. we should help them. we should save their lives so that they can pursue their own dreams. just like the lyric of a song says, “we are the ones who make a brighter day so let’s start giving.” well, that’s my dream, a simple but meaningful one.

mydream英语演讲稿 篇二

as we all knoweverybody had his/her own dream.

some dreamed to be a scientistothers had the dream becoming a star or evena president. howeveri was dreaming to be a teacher when i was a little youngboy. as far as i knewteachers were respected by people and they also had a highstate of society as well as a farewell salary. teachers were an honored careeralthough they were hard working.

all in all i dreamed to be a teacher no matter what problem i met and howdifficult the situation was.




my dream英语演讲稿 篇三

good afternoon,ladies and gentlemen.different people have different dreams.whats your dream?could you tell me your dream?of course,now its my tend to share my dream with you.

my dream is to do myself well.maybe you will say its so easy that you can do it right

when i was young,i lived by a river.at first,the river was very clean.after several years,the river was covered with lots of rabbish.in my eyes,i felt very sad,removing the gabbage from the river.as we all know,we cant do anything without water,and we will die,then the world will end.why does it occur?thats only because we cant do ourselves well and throw the gabbage everywhere.after that,i dicided to do myself well.

however,when i entered senior high school,i lost myself and forgot my dream.as a student,i was supported to study hard,but i indulged myself in surfing the internet.i hadnt even mentioned my dream before my mom asked me with anger whether i would stick to my dream.i felt very guilty ,and still remembered the look of my mom.i must insist on my dream,never give up.im sure i can do myself well.

once going on the wrong road,you may not do youself ,would you still think my dream is very easy to come true?

mydream英语演讲稿 篇四

when i was a naughty boy, may be because of theinfluence of the film."xiao bing zhang ga",my dreamwas to be a soldier just like zhang ga. i thought if iwas a soldier, i should be able to swim, dive andclimb trees as he did. it seemed to be verywonderful. so i began to learn swimming, diving andclimbing trees. i practiced every day and finally icould do them well. but when i entered junior highschool and had the military training. i suddenlyfound that being a soldier was very difficult and iwasnt strong enough to bear it 。 i had to give mydream up.

but i wasnt discouraged, and i had new aim, which was to be a postman, or rather to bea newspaper boy. as a newspaper boy. i could speed along streets on a bike and thrownewspapers onto every porch. thats also very cool. so i started learning to ride a bicycle.after the everyday practice, i could go very fast by bicycle. but to my disappointment, the jobwhich i wanted only existed in western counties not in china, because there was no porch inchina. and chinese postmen had to stuff very thick newspapers into very small mailboxes fromvery narrow entrances. the job was far from what i had expected. so once again my dream fellthrough.

perhaps you have had the same experience as i and most of your dreams havent cometrue yet. but i think it doesnt matter, because if you have a dream, youll make many effortsto realize it. this course is really important. if i hadnt dreamt of being a soldier or anewspaper boy. i wouldnt have learned to swim, to dive, to climb trees or to ride a bicycle.even if our dream cant come true, youll learn much from the efforts you have made. sowhat i want to tell us is that dream helps us to grow up and teaches us how to control ourlives 。 it is dream that gives us power and makes our lives colorful.

关于梦想的英语演讲稿带翻译 篇五

the origin of basketball

the challenge that inspired the invention of basketball came from dr. luther halsey gulick, jr., the superintendent of physical education at the international ymca training school. during the summer session of 1891, gulick introduced a new course in the psychology of play, and naismith was one of his students. in class discussions, gulick brought up an issue that was weighing on his mind: the need for new indoor game "that would be interesting, easy to learn, and easy to play in the winter and by artificial light."

though the class didn't follow up on gulick's challenge to invent such a game, naismith found himself revisiting the issue a few months later when the physical education faculty met to discuss what was becoming a persistent problem. with the end of the fall sports season, the school once again confronted the distaste many students felt for the gymnasium work that was mandatory during the winter months. one class was particularly incorrigible, and two instructors had already tried and failed to devise activities that would interest them.

my dream英语演讲稿 篇六

good afternoon dear teachers. my name is sun lanxin. i’m from class 4 grade 6. today i’m very happy to have a speech here. my topic is “my dream—to be a singer”。

some people want to be writers. some want to be teachers. some want to be doctors. my dream is to be a singer in the future. i hope my songs will spread all over the country. i hope everyone will enjoy my songs.

i like singing. when i was 6, my mom took me to ningbo children’s center to learn singing 。 miss xu, a very kind woman, taught me vocal. “1,2,3,4…” i deeply fell in love with singing. in the next few years, i also learned many singing skills from mr li and miss hu. i learned many beautiful songs like zhuo ma, cinderella’s dream, and so on.

then i started to join all kinds of singing contest. i sang better and better. and i won a lot of honors. and also i performed in many places. i performed to all the students at school on children’s day. i performed on cixi tv. i performed in the great hall of the people in cixi. i’m proud i can sing beautiful songs.

singing songs makes me happy, makes me feel confident. and also it makes my school life colourful. some of my classmates admire me. under my influence,they began to love songs and learn singing , too. sometimes we sang and danced happily together.

i hope i can be a singer in the future. i will sing for the patients. to make them forget their pains. i will sing for the old 。 to make them not feel lonely. i will sing for the children, for the heroes, for the poor, for many many people. i hope my songs will make people feel happy. i hope i can be a famous singer like song zuying.

however, i know that i could not succeed without efforts. so i must study hard at school, learn singing skills more and practice more. i believe that i will make my dream come true one day with my own hands.

that all ,thank you!

mydream英语演讲稿 篇七

different people have different dreams. some people dream of making a lot of money. some people dream of living a happy life. some people dream of being famous. some people dream of going abroad, and so on. but my dream is different. maybe you will get a surprise after you know my dream.


ihave a wonderful dream in my heart. its to speak english very well. since english is everything for me. english is my best friend. english is my soul. english is my power. without english, im nothing at all. nothing. now, i can think in english, speak in english, and write in english. some people think im an indian. some people regard im a pakistan. and some people even consider that im an egyptian. but if i could speak english as good as an american, my future would be brilliant. so i work very hard.



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